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Can You See It Just Like I Can Feel It?

I had this feeling, so deep, yet not painful. It was just there, arriving without any notice, and disappeared the moment I stopped thinking about it.

This happened yesterday. Well, it is going for weeks really, if not months. Every time I think about life, death, goals, progress, plans. It comes and goes, always leaving something behind. Big or small, doesn’t matter. This time, it was larger than expected. The legacy that will come and that it left behind me to fulfill.

I reference this feeling very vaguely, I need to describe it better. I want to let you see it in words, so you will exactly know what it is. Maybe you already know from what I have told you.

I want to… but I can’t. There isn’t a complete description for it. There is no motivation, depression, anxiety, happiness. Just thoughts. A certain chemical in mine, and yours, brain that activates, and shows you internally where you should start with changes.

But what changes? Why do I and you need to make them?

You don’t.

Yet, I will. Because I felt it so many times that I am obligated to finally agree with it. I did agree in the past, and I am not regretting this. It is painful in some sense, but not in a way that is physically or mentally painful.

You can forget about this. Live as you live. Today I was preparing another post, but this hit me so hard I couldn’t let my thoughts linger in my journal or my mind anymore. I only hope that some day, you will realize that it is there. If you already did, that’s great. Remember this feeling and replay it every day.

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