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Another day, another collection of useless tips from a scary website. Black, black, everything all black, only thing your eyes can see is the text. Paragraphs of pixels, laid down in the exact sequence, so you can letter after letter after letter….

But, letters aren’t real? Are they? Couldn’t we use something different, like ancient runes or pictograms? They are the same things as letters, we have just grown accustomed to this type of visual communication.

Worry not, while using this tips and planning your future, you will have plenty of time to think about things you maybe never considered, or thought that weren’t as important. Many regrets and feelings may resurface, you will feel dreadful and suicidal. Yet, as long as you are a rational human being, you might survive while not eating tide pods or doing insurance fraud.


Here, I work with all my goals for the current year as well as selective quarters. This gives me an ability to keep myself straight thought the year while maximizing my efficiency. Let’s say that in the third quarter of the year, I need to start excelling at John F. Kennedy life history. So, in the yearly goal of “reading 10 books”, I can specify that I will read 2 books about him in the second quarter and three in the third. It gives me much time to process the specific topic as well as allows me to make time for other books without grinding everything at once.

This sounds obvious, because it is. Yet, the simplicity of this method makes it exceptionally easy to pick up and follow.

Here is the layout of the pages I use for this purpose:

Tasks & Goals/Goals

- ## 2023
  - TODO Read 255 books
  - TODO Make two small children cry

As for the quarter view, I use separate page:

One-year plan/2023

- # Quarters
  - ## Q1
    - ### Books
      - TODO Read XYZ
    - ### Lifestyle
      - TODO Go to space
  - ## Q2

There is not much philosophy here, just write down things you want to do in an organized manner, maybe even in the pattern I described to you, and you’re good to go. One step closer to being a little more responsible… But are you sure this will help you?

Weeks & Days

These two are combined by nature, you can’t have a detailed week description without days. But, having too much detail, like describing even months, is counterproductive most of the time. So, I just recommend staying with weeks & days pattern, assuming you will ever use it.

Tasks & Goals/Tasks

- # 2023
  - ## July
    - TODO [[Jul 3rd, 2023]] - [[Jul 9th, 2023]]
      - #### Things
        - <Reference to TODO from one-year plan>
        - ...
      - #### Days
        - TODO [[Jul 3rd, 2023]]
          - **Blocks**
          - TODO 08:00 - 08:25  <Reference to TODO from one-year plan>
          - TODO 08:30 - 08:55  <Reference to TODO from one-year plan>

I divided the plan by month and week in the month with start and end day. The block is filled with a list of references to stuff from the one-year plan and days. Days are just a list of time blocked To-dos with date attached to them. You probably know already what time blocking is, but in case you don’t—just attach start and finish hour to the task, and you’ll be good.

Again, here, the simplicity is the magic which makes this work. Just a simple, clickable list with overview of your upcoming or current day. Fast, readable and reliable.

In the previous post I showed you, If you didn’t knew already, how to make templates, and I will use them here again as they are really a great time saver with common stuff like this.

- ### Weekly Time Blocks
  Template:: Weekly Time Blocks
  template-including-parent:: false
  - TODO <% tomorrow %> - <% 1 week from now %>
    - #### Things
    - #### Days
      - Daily Time Blocks


- ### Daily Time Blocks
  Template:: Daily Time Blocks
  template-including-parent:: false
  - TODO <% tomorrow %>
    collapsed:: true
    - TODO 07:30 - 07:55
    - TODO 08:00 - 08:25
    - TODO 08:30 - 08:55
    - TODO 09:00 - 09:25
    - TODO 09:30 - 09:55
    - TODO 10:00 - 10:25
    - TODO 10:30 - 10:55
    - TODO 11:00 - 11:25
    - TODO 11:30 - 11:55
    - TODO 12:00 - 12:25
    - TODO 12:30 - 12:55
    - TODO 13:00 - 13:25
    - TODO 13:30 - 13:55
    - TODO 14:00 - 14:25
    - TODO 14:30 - 14:55
    - TODO 15:00 - 15:25
    - TODO 15:30 - 15:55
    - TODO 16:00 - 16:25
    - TODO 16:30 - 16:55
    - TODO 17:00 - 17:25
    - TODO 17:30 - 17:55
    - TODO 18:00 - 18:25
    - TODO 18:30 - 18:55

That’s it.

How are you feeling about it

The idea to finally organize your ever ending time might sound great, especially when you are in this rare mood to do something with your miserable existence. Yet, don’t be too quick, you might really hurt yourself, and actually get very opposed to this idea if something goes wrong.

Think of people who got on a bike, fell down two, three times, cried annoyingly and then never go to riding bike ever again.

As much as I may sound unnecessarily protective, I feel that taking too much on yourself will make it harder than it needs to be. But, if you’re like me, then you will do everything at one and try to make things right in the real time (because the time stops when you read this stuff…)

Tell me if you got successful with this method, and your own, if you have one.

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