Please, Clean Your Room.

‘Cause I don’t. Well, it is a little of an overstatement. I do, but… not very often. For my defense, it keeps itself pretty clean most of the time. Like, yeah, there is some dust here and there, some dead rat is in the corner…………………………….

And now, he is in the garbage can! Fortunately, he’s body is very fresh, so it didn’t rot or anything. I am just so lucky!

Let’s get real here, the situation isn’t that bad, and I hope that you will trust me. But, I had this thought when I got to finally going through my stuff that was laying down in boxes and drawers for god knows how long. I found a good deal of interesting stuff which I had forgotten over the years, also, some cursed dolls and drawings. We don’t speak about it here.

The importance of this is, that, it really opened my mind to some stuff. I just had time to think about a fuck ton of things, I usually don’t think about because I have other things to do.

Yeah, you might not find much useful info in this post, yet try to think about it.

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