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What I've Watched: Practical DOD

So yesterday I have watched this presentation which was hosted by Andrew Kelly at Handmade Seattle.

a shot from the video

Practical DOD presentation

Yeah yeah, nothing big, everyone watched stuff from time to time, yet, I just need to write a few words about it, especially in recommendation department.

What is it about? Programming, duhhhh. Data Oriented Design, specifically, which focuses on delivering the best memory layout for the processor for our current task. This also means that we usually speed up things via reducing the amount of requests made to main memory etc. Overall, great philosophy.

It clicked with me, the efficiency and the way it is achieved… it’s really something. Simplicity with creativity. The “tricks” told are practical (as the name suggests), and they work as shown in Zig.

I don’t have much more to write, really, I just wanted to share some stuff with y’all. To the next time.

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