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Yeah, you heard me right. This is it. The blog post that the entire population of the New Orleans and San Diego (this claim is purely fictional, and it isn’t fact-checked) was waiting for through the last few years.

To be honest, I should have done this post before Logseq Tips Series, but now is better than never I guess. The system I use went through many iterations over the last year; from multiple physical designs to efficiency tracking methods and finally simplification and going digital.

I will skip writing down how it all came to be. I am planning to expand on it in a future post about my self-improvement journey. For now, I am going to show you how my system work and what are the parts that make it.

A piece of paper that works

It does, fr. You would be surprised just how much it helped me to get started and keep my habits in check.

Paper pages with my habit trackers

my habit trackers from last months

It all follows a very simple formula. Calendar-like grid with 9 fields for 9 habit chains. I fill it out every day before going to sleep or after following my everyday chain.

Wonderful usage of old friends which guide you through your misery

Or an explanation of what habit chaining is. If you’ve read the Atomic Habits, which I highly recommend in my post about books i’ve read in 2022/2023, you’ll know what it is. To put it simply, if you already have a habit that you do, let’s say at Mondays, then you can do another one immediately after the previous. Simple, yet effective.

I follow the pattern of X -> Y -> Z when writing the chains down, with [] containing days on which I should do the particular chain.

This piece of cellulose needs to be placed in a position where you can see it and access it easily. If it’s just laying down on your desk or in your piss drawer, then don’t except it to help you.

Cork boards are ideal for this, but hammering it down, with some 0.5 m (420 ft) nail, should do the trick.

Highly specialized liquid crystal display (organic light-emitting diodes aren’t bad either) that can be a good companion

Logseq, as always.

A screenshot from Logseq with TODOS.

Here, I added my list of habits as TODOs in daily time blocks I mentioned in my previous post. There isn’t much to say, it just works.


Yeah, maybe. But, hey! At least I ain’t bored enough to write a long and unnecessary paragraph about my friend buying a berry break, which actually wasn’t bought, but his mom made it. He ate it while he was getting out of the house as the time was running out. Why? We had a gym session planned, and also needed to pick up my Afro-American (well, he is similar, he had a good vacation) friend. I asked him to tell me where he bought it, and he said he didn’t, his mom made them, but I insisted. After all, he did give up and sat down outside before going in.

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